Williams' Trading Post

Established in 1949 with a few Boxes of Pansies




A History – It All Started in 1949

It all started with a few boxes of pansies! CELEBRATE 72 YEARS WITH US IN 2021!!!

In the spring of 1949, Harold Astor Williams was recovering from an illness and surgery. Harold, or "Grandpa," as our generation knew him, was ready to work on a part-time basis as he entered the retirement years of his life. With his wife Florence by his side (we are not sure who was the "real boss"), a few boxes of pansies were set out on display on wooden crates and old washstands. This was the beginning!

Native produce was offered for sale as it became ready for harvest from the large garden, which had been planted. The business venture had begun!

Located on the old road to Cape Cod before the advent of superhighways, business was soon booming, requiring assistance from the next generation, Harold Hunt Williams, fondly known as "Buzzie" by most, and his family. While continuing his photography business through the 50s, Buzzie added a helping hand to his folks, which in time evolved into a full-time venture. His sister, Ellen Williams Taylor, and her family, also helped out creating decorative baskets for the cemetery in the spring and helping with gardening as well as sales. The spring season found as all at W.T.P.


Over the years roofs were added, leaving space for the trees to grow up through the roofline and additional buildings were erected. The "annex" housed gifts, fabrics, and houseplants for many years. Textiles had been Buzzie's original career path. The merchandise has changed somewhat from the early days into the largest craft supply shop in the area during the 70s and 80s and is now evolving into a well-stocked antiques and collectibles shop including an inventory of affordable USA-sourced gifts, decorative supplies and craft items to compliment any decor. In 1982, with the loss of our Buzzie, Williams' Trading Post entered a complete transition to a third-generation ownership. With Nat's expertise in plant and soil science top-quality plants were produced, everything from tulips in the spring to poinsettias in December.

In 2003 with a transfer of ownership to third generation owner Martha (Williams) Dupuis after retirement from another career, Williams' Trading Post began to transform from a farm stand to the present garden center with traffic-stopping displays and friendly, knowledgeable staff.


The garden center and nursery department continues to fill your spring gardening needs with top-quality plants, trees, and shrubs along with many of the supplies needed for successful home gardening. Our new venture into the realm of antiques and collectibles has brought a new enthusiasm for our family—we never know what treasure we might find!

Our thanks goes out to you, our loyal customers and friends, for over 70 wonderful years.

Williams' Trading Post Garden Center & Antique Shop is becoming the favorite garden center in the area. The seasonal eye-catching display is a "traffic stopper" and some of our customers call it their "happy place"!

We thank all of you for the patronage and friendship and look forward to serving you for many more years! Call us today for more information at 508-947-1598.